Amju Super Cool Pool

Amju Super Cool Pool 1.4

The grooviest pool game ever


  • Very colourful and easy to play for kids
  • Realistic ball actions


  • Too easy for serious pool players


Super Amju Cool Pool is a game of simple but colourful pool playing that will entertain for hours thanks to its playability. Mainly aimed at children, Super Amju Cool Pool offers you four different modes that you can play against a friend, the computer or other users around the world.

The controls are simple - since everything is controlled by the mouse, in two simple clicks you can define the direction that you want the ball to travel in including the power with which you want to strike it. If you're not sure where the ball will end up, the game includes a direction finder system that shows you the eventual path of the ball.

You can play 6 Ball, 9 Ball, US 8 Ball, UK Pool, Crazy Pool and Trick Shots. There are also seven different tables to play on all with slightly different playing characteristics. The balls act pretty realistically jumping, swerving and spinning over the table at times. The soundtrack is as colourful as the game itself - the developers call it the super flutey Amju soundtrack!

All in all, a great pool game for kids although too easy and too colourful for serious online pool players.

Ever thought regular pool is just simply too plain and boring?

If so, give Amju Super Cool Pool a whirl - lots of colour, action and excitement for kids and adults alike.

Amju Super Cool Pool


Amju Super Cool Pool 1.4

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